Operations Manager

You know you're in Stefanie's domain when you see a bounty of butterfly trinkets and smell the sweet aroma of sage incense. Stefanie is our official-unofficial ghost buster; she loves the paranormal and respects all things spiritual. But on a serious note, she truly keeps this ship sailing smoothly. She manages our workshops in Mexico and runs the office. When she's not at work you can bet she's spending quality time with her family. Family is number one in her life. So much so, she and her husband recently became foster parents to a lovely teenager and adore every moment of it. And of course we can't forget Katy, her bilingual Costa Rican Toy Poodle.


Inventory Manager

Romanian born, Catalina AKA Catastrophic AKA Cat has fostered an impeccable, OCD system that keeps our inventory department organized. She organizes it so well sometimes she organizes things from herself. When she's not working she spends time with her close friends, kicks back on the beach and watches creepy, horror films. Catalina also enjoys drawing and other arts.



Imagine a woman balancing several hats - Design, HR, Accounting, Graphic Design, Photoshoots and the Website, you name it, she does it. That's Beth, not short for Elizabeth but named after Beth from the classic Little Women. When she's not working she makes it a point to visit family in California and explore new locales across the globe. She even spent the first part of her life on a farm in Australia and had a strong accent until she was 11.


Office Assistant

Imagine positive energy, in human form.  Buffy is our office ball of energy. She not only assists in helping out all company departments, but assists in creating a light atmosphere with her laugh & smile, which is never in short supply. Outside of work Buffy is an artist, always painting, sculpting & working with textile arts & beading. Creating is her joy and she certainly lives for the weekends as it's her time to overindulge in gardening, movie binge watching & spending time with her animals.


Sales Executive

Jeremiah AKA Jeremy AKA Jer Bear sells beautiful jewelry to beautiful people. He brings so much food to work you'd think he was stockpiling for the apocalypse. When Jer Bear isn't working he mostly practices honing his skills with Crayola crayons. He admits with no shame, he is indeed a snack slave to his beautiful, little five-year-old daughter. And we all know the real reason he works here--for the donuts.


Sales Executive

Geri's got a superpower for making jewelry smile for the camera. She's the liaison between Charles Albert and the customer. She steadfastly organizes and presents jewelry to the customer while consistently following up and making sure repairs get done. When she's not working she enjoys riding - catch her at Bike Week in Daytona. She even sings her heart out with local bands.


Inventory Assistant

Bio to come soon.



Jack handles all the merchandise and packs and pulls orders. When he's not working he watches and plays hockey while attending classes at the local university. He also has an affinity for antiques.


Product Photographer

Talia is the creative eye behind our crisp, high-resolution photos. She photographs and edits our product shots so our customers can see the beauty and quality of our jewelry. Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa she's also an elementary school teacher by day, with a ceramic hobby. Although she's a pro at snapping photos, she can't actually snap her fingers-the irony.


Top Model / Greeter

She looks stunning in Charles Albert jewelry, so of course she's our top model. She's the queen of all naps so she has two beds to choose from. She's our living alarm when anyone is at the front door-she sees you, before you see you. She adores barking down the delivery guys for frequent treats. In her spare, spare time you can find Starbuck begging for her co-workers lunches in the break room.